A consulting firm & holding company for research driven impact ventures.
Based out of Monchique, Portugal.

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Quadriga dev.version

Scale Model Wooden Prototype (April 2020). The design has since evolved from this concept.

Mission & Methodology

Mission: To Invest, Research, Develop & Implement Technological and Human solutions that create Development Impact.

What is Development Impact?

Methodology: an iterative integration of various applied methods. Learn more about our methodological work flow.


People matter.

A passionate and kind team of collaborators, each in their capacity, make up Conscious Circle. Organizarionally fluid, we mostly practice horizontality and circularity, reserving hierarchy, quasi exclusively for financial and strategic-administrative decisions.

Together we invest our time and effort in several research driven impact ventures, structuring human resources according to the requirement of each project.

As proactive stakeholders of development in contexts often hostile to our interaction, we are diligent at adopting a progressive yet socially sensitive attitude.

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Applications for Remote & Monchique based positions are open to all eligible candidates. International applicants requiring a work-Visa should apply in advance.

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