Impact Ventures

Impact Ventures


A low-cost, open-source, Unmanned/Autonomous Ground Vehicle fusing a Tractor, Tool Carrier and Research Robot for Evidence-Informed, Precision Agriculture on small farms across diverse environmental and topographic conditions.

Metrics: Revitalisation of small farms/rural areas, Carbon Sequestration, labor productivity, Precision Agriculture, regenerative farming, organic production.

Visit Quadriga in Synopsis (on Notion)

More details to follow.

Quadriga Systems

At our Smallholder IoT-Offgrid-Ag-Tech Rural Living Lab, we have combined know-how and appropriate-tech solutions into one proof of concept.

The goal is to finalise a commercially scalable model that can deliver renewable-energy driven offgrid living, regenerative agroecology, IoT and edge computing, precision farming and zero-carbon practices, at affordable rates, to smallholders around the world.

More details to follow.

Shoot In the Algarve

Re-imagine your ideal production destination. Our carefully crafted guide & map was reverse engineered to offer storytellers, directors & production companies a location-based whiteboard.

The Algarve film & advertising industry is ripe. Our mission is to enable its growth, attract talent, encourage investment & promote a State-of-the-Art ecosystem of content creation.

Website launch 1st January 2021 – Visit


Offgrid2000 specialises in 20-year real utility, plug & use, app controlled, hybrid offgrid systems. Our franchisees sell, install, monitor remotely and maintain end user systems.

More details to follow.


A local business focused Digital Marketing Agency.

More details to follow.


CORKsic SIC`s STRUCTURAL INSULATED COMPONENTS are large, lightweight building components that are predesigned by the architect.

More details to follow.

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